Phocus Creative Group is a Brooklyn, NY based creative agency focusing on branding, social media and content development. We help companies advocate their unique story by creating ways to continually and effectively connect with their community.


what we do

Phocus Creative Group was formed with the goal of bringing together top creatives in an honest collaboration with brands to help advocate their unique story. With years of marketing experience at start-ups and agencies in a range of industries, our expertise lies in helping organizations:



Discover their unique story through an insightful deep-dive into a company or brand’s ethos.


Create ways to continually connect with their community and raise brand awareness.


Share their vision and message through strategic content, social media, events, and brand partnerships.



 Brittany DeGirolamo, CEO & Founder


At Phocus Creative Group, Brittany leads the charge treating every project as its own unique challenge and working around the clock to ensure that clients receive the most effective exposure possible. 

She has proven success, targeting brands demographic, deeply understanding their consumers psychological and purchasing behavior, then creating a unique customized marketing strategies meeting those clients needs and business objectives. 

Brittany has almost 10 years of experience leading creative & business development projects. Working with highly visible, cutting edge brands bringing them to new heights of excellence, profitability and success. She has consulted and worked for companies like, IMG Worldwide, Ogilvy & Mather, production glue, Merchants Hospitality and HAVAS Worldwide as well as with Fortune 500 brands like IBM, Visa, United Airlines, Evian, HBO, Nike, Fairmont Hotels + more. 

Contact - brittany@phocuscreativegroup.com 




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As the in-house creative producer, Zosia excels in optimizing a client’s social presence. She translates client objectives into plans for social media are then designed and curated.

From logo building to social platform development, she creates a captivating brand image that emotionally provokes the targeted consumer.  She specializes in building and re-branding companies from the ground up, providing strategic and tactical feedback on content ideas and partnerships. 

Being able to tell a story is essential to good marketing. Prior to her time spent at Phocus, Zosia wrote a daily editorial column for FashionIndie and Lookbooks.com, covering everything from the launch of new beauty products to interviewing musical artists.  A music lover at heart, she is proficient in Ableton and can record any type of jingle for brand advertisements as well as product launch videos.

Contact - zosia@phocuscreativegroup.com