Raffles Hotels & Resorts - Media Dinner - New York City



Recreate the Raffles Hotels & Resorts experience with dishes and cocktails, curated by each of their distinguished individual hotels locations.  

Location: The Weylin Savings Bank, Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Chic and sophisticated Raffles Hotels & Resorts consistently represent the next generation of luxury hoteliers. For 128 years Raffles has gone out of their way to give people the richest experiences and fondest of memories.  This night was no exception.

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Over the top luxurious cocktail party and hotel experience including recreation and build of Raffles Hotels Long Bar & dining room experience for 30+ guests.



Party with 30 + VIP attendee’s in the Travel and Luxury industries. A dining experience in a historical venue, accompanied by an artistic modern dance performance by The Love Show.  Menu provided by Union Square Events, featuring Raffles curated cocktails and entrees.

Brittany DeGirolamo