Slendier #CalorieClever Influencer Campaign


Phocus was tasked with launching the Slendier Pasta brand in the US for the first time in Summer 2019! We vetted and choose the six perfect influencers from across the country to test the product, develop their own recipe and share their experience on Instagram on how they can be #calorieclever!


Phocus choose influencers from New York, Miami, Los Angeles and New Orleans! We shipped each influencer a very special Slendier package full of products and goodies as well as a Slendier cookbook! Blogs like Mississippi Vegan and Zest My Lemon created sponsored posts in which they shared their honest experiences using the Slendier pasta products as well as creating their own recipe’s. They also provided their readers with a little bit of information about the products, and promoted a free give-away to their followers!


A hip and colorful content campaign on Instagram ensued! Yielding impressive results, including 1 million social media impressions, and more than 3,000 clicks to the product site. The brand saw a 25% increase in their Instagram following gaining over 2000 new followers!

Brittany DeGirolamo