Social Media

Curate, Create and Connect. At Phocus Creative Group It all starts with listening. Our in-house content strategist listens across all social platforms and develop insights on how to quickly create smart content that will resonate with your community and engage your customers. We then produce high quality, unique content that is optimized & pushed across the social media channels are best suited for your business. 




We live to launch new brands and reposition established brands, bringing them to new markets and new audiences. We start the process by defining what your brand represents and then craft a framework to enable your company to live and deliver on it's mission at every audience touchpoint. From logo design to naming and brand platform development. To stunning visual identities and powerful messaging, we create a compelling brand story that emotionally provokes your targeted consumer. 



Events {when done well} can be one of the strongest tactics used to connect and gain insight on your customer. Aligning with influencers can essentially do a lot of the heavy lifting of igniting social conversations for your brand at events. Your word-of-mouth campaign is only as powerful as the people you start with. There are many digital tools to identify and qualify the reach of online influencers but those numbers only tell part of the story, and it’s sometimes a misleading one. Combining a fabulous event with the right crowd of individuals with that perfect curated experience - can be that brand touchpoint that makes all the difference. 


Artist Management

Working with singers, songwriters, producers, celebrity personalities and artists, Phocus Creative Group provides a safe haven where artists can review and choose the best brand partnerships and opportunities for themselves and their brand. We will guide you and provide you with  the best direction possible so you can focus on bringing your vision to life.

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